How to clear the cache in Chrome

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As you already know, Google Chrome is one of the fastest browsers to use various Internet services, but do you know why? Chrome automatically saves many data types of websites when you open them, and that’s why it takes less time to load your web page.

But since Google Chrome stores data of websites for fast loading, then it is also possible that Chrome could become slower due to the storage of too much data, and believe me guys when that happens, it’s the worst thing ever. The Cache helps speed browsing but slows down the browser. Here is a step by step guide on how to clear the cache of Chrome and make your browser faster than before.

In this guide, you will learn two ways to clear the cache in Chrome. The default way is faster, so be sure to check both methods.


Step 1. First, open your Chrome browser.

delete cache-chromium-history

Step 2. Then click the Customize and control Google Chrome in the upper right corner.

Step 3. Select the History option. You can also press Ctrl + H to open this menu box directly.

delete cache-chromium-history-navigation

Step 4. After performing the steps above, select the option to delete browsing data to clear your recent web files and other navigation data.

Step 5. Now choose carefully the time period and check or uncheck the menu options.